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HTG Networking and Infrastructure Services

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In today’s business world, information system interconnectivity is of the utmost importance. Our comprehensive set of Networking and Infrastructure Services provides our clients with the high-quality, professional support needed for today’s networking technologies. From assessing business’ networking needs, to providing ongoing support for networks, our professional Network and Infrastructure Services staff assist our clients in all of their networking-related issues.

Following is a brief overview of some of the Networking and Infrastructure services that we offer.
  • Business network needs analysis.
  • Current network environment analysis.
  • Assistance in setting networking goals.
  • Assessment of networking technology opportunities and gaps.
  • Recommendation of networking and security hardware, software and services.
  • Documentation of networking specifications.
  • Assistance in purchasing network hardware at reasonable prices.
  • Installation and configuration of network and security hardware, software and services.
  • Develop of networking procedures and documentation of network-related tasks.
  • Evaluation and selection of Internet Service providers.
  • Ongoing network support and maintenance.

Our areas of specialty are diverse.  We are well-equipped to support and develop a full range of networking options, ranging from Small Office/Home Office (SoHo) to Corporate Enterprise Local Area Networks (LANs).  Connectivity options are tailored to our clients’ requirements, and include Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and Wireless.  Additionally, our networking services are typically based on Microsoft peer-to-peer and domain network platforms, supported by hardware and software from manufacturers such as AT&T, Cisco,3Com, Netgear, Hawking Technologies and Linksys.  

Some examples of recent projects include a 48-node office upgrade to a Fast Ethernet LAN with a T1-uplink, a 10-node office upgrade to 10/100 BaseT Ethernet with a shared cable connection uplink, several multi-node wireless network installations, and a 216-room hotel Fast Ethernet/Gigabit backbone installation, connected to the Internet with a T1 uplink.  In the latter system, guest rooms were segmented from the hotel’s administration network using VLAN technologies.  This comprehensive network installation also included the implementation of a firewall that provides content-based access control and intrusion detection.  

As with all of our services, pricing and time-to-implementation depends on the scope of the project being developed, and must take into consideration the network services, size and type of network required. Nonetheless, by providing professional solutions on industry-proven platforms at highly-competitive prices, we assure that all of our networking services represent both excellent value and exceptional reliability for our clients.

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