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HTG PC Services  

Given the complexity of today’s information technology, making the right decisions regarding hardware and software purchases is often only the beginning of one’s problems.  Here at HTG, we free our clients of the complexity of their personal computing needs by providing them with a full spectrum of PC Services.  From understanding information technology needs, through to providing on-going support and maintenance of computer systems, we ensure that the complexities of information technology are no longer stressful to our clients.

A brief sampling of how our PC Services can assist you:
  • We understand your business or personal computing needs.
  • We analyze your current computing environment.
  • We assist you in setting computing goals.
  • We assess PC technology gaps and opportunities.
  • We recommend appropriate PC hardware, software and services.
  • We have a substantial supply chain for affordable, high-quality PC hardware for both new installs and upgrades through our extensive range of vendor partnerships with Dell, HP, IBM, Compaq, Gateway, Maxtor, Western Digital, Viewsonic and Kingston Memory.
  • We document your computing specifications.
  • We help you shop for affordable hardware and software, and assist in negotiating purchases.
  • We install and configure hardware, software and services.
  • We develop procedures and document tasks related to your computing environments.
  • We provide ongoing service, support and maintenance of your computer systems. 

Typically, our customized PC solutions are built on highly reliable Intel-based, PC-compatible hardware, running the latest versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems.  We further enhance our client’s computing experience with our extensive background in a variety of popular computer peripherals, such as printers and scanners. 

Our staff is also well-versed in the service of all brands of PCs and peripherals.  On the software-side, our team includes experts in installation and service of Windows operating systems (95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2004 Server) and popular Office and Business Applications.   Our team also holds a great deal of experience in the realm of Internet Service providers and networking software, further ensuring that we can meet all of our client’s computing needs.

Some examples of our recent projects include a complete office upgrade, including the installation of a network server, PCs, laptops, and operating systems for all systems.  Other recent projects have included a complete office upgrade to Windows 2000™ running on new systems, and an office expansion to Windows XP Professional on our client’s PCs and Laptops. 

Details of pricing and timing are based on the scope of the project being implemented.  All of our products and services, however, offer both our consistent, professional approach and affordable pricing.  For more information about specific projects, or to enquire further about our services, please contact us.

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